General Settings

  • Difficulty: All Madden
  • Quarter Lengths: 6 minutes
  • Accelerated Clock: 20 seconds
  • Players may choose their teams
  • Custom Playbook are not permitted to be used
  • Custom teams may not be used.




  • PAYMENTS: For events with pre-registration deadline savings (i.e. early birds pay less), registration MUST be paid in full, and there will be NO refunds. This is to ensure that a pre-registration is TRULY a pre-registration and is fair to other teams who register early. No exceptions.
  • Unless otherwise specified, please bring your own controllers, USB keyboard, USB mouse, mousepad, mixamps and headsets for your personal use. We STRONGLY recommend that you label your belongings to prevent theft.
  • We are NOT responsible for any loss or damage to your equipment. Please respect others’ property as well.
  • This is a family-friendly location. We understand that the nature of competitive gaming can get intense. Trash-talking is definitely allowed, but please respect other customers and tournament players by keeping the vulgarity down.
  • No food or drinks are allowed on the stations themselves.
  • If player is under 17 and wishes to view or participate in M+ events, they must have parent/guardian consent (click here to download and print consent form) with them ON THE DAY of the event (do not turn in before-hand).
  • By participating/registering in our tournaments/events:
    • You (your team) understand and agree to abide by the rules and regulations.
    • You (your team) understand that there will be no swearing, cheating, or any other kind of unruly conduct while you (your team) participate in the event. If violated, you (your team) understand that you (your team) run the risk of being ejected from the event
      without being reimbursed for your entrance fees. You (your team) will try to make this an enjoyable experience for not only
      yourself (yourselves), but for everyone else involved.
    • You (your team) understand that tournaments, dates, rules, and other information are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • For team events: If you are looking for a team, please post the following on the Facebook event page:
    1. First Name
    2. Gamertag/Summoner and/or Email Address
    3. How many players you need to fill your team

    We will update the event page with the list of free agents as often as we can, and leave it up to you to contact each other. Once you have found a team, let us know by posting on the event page and we will take you off the free agents list.

Madden 17 (XBOX ONE) 10/Player

Facebook Event: Facebook Event Page

Gamer Tag
Name, City, State

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